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Tag Rugby

Congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 rugby team who won the cluster rugby tournament! The children played fantastically as a team, communicating well, with excellent passing and catching skills. Many of the teams that we played made little headway due to the speed at which our team took their tags! There were excellent individual performances from all involved and we are very proud of their achievements.

Well done to Sonny, Harry, Poppy, Laura, Sydney, Luca, Ethan and Elliot. And a big thank you to the Mummy support team on the side-lines!


Congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 football team who came fourth in the cluster competition this week. It was a chilly evening up on the Magdalen Astroturf but all children worked and played together as a team, supporting each other both on and off the pitch. A special mention must go to Joseph and Adeline who volunteered to be part of the team to take our numbers to 10 and to Sonny who scored the majority of our goals.

Congratulations to the team; Sonny, Joseph, Laura, Adeline, Poppy, Harry, Luca, Elliot, Libby and Ethan, with another thank you to the band of Syresham parent supporters!

Indoor Athletics

Our Year 5 and 6 children were victorious at the indoor athletics tournament where we came first in the cluster competition! 12 children made the team, where they competed in track and field events. This competition requires the children to perform in many different events, with the track relay events demanding strength and stamina. The children gave 110% in every event and I am SO proud of their achievements both as a team and as individuals, all of the hard work in their lessons really did pay off!

Congratulations to Libby, Sonny, Elliot, Ethan, Harry, Laura, Luca, Adeline, Poppy, Laura, Lola and Sydney!


We took two teams to the Kurling competition with both teams busy all evening, playing 7 games each in total. The teams came 4th and 8th. Congratulations Team Syresham!

Well done to Joey, Jack, Lily, Joel, Tilly-Ann, George, Emily and Jensen.


Swimming starts on Friday 17th January for all children in KS2 and finishes on 27th March 2020.  Children must wear a hat at all times in the pool and girls should wear a one piece swim-suit. Boys should wear swimming trunks not baggy shorts for H&S reasons.  If your child needs to wear goggles due to alergies to pool chemicles please request this in writing before the first lesson.

Advice on wearing goggles whilst swimming – response to parental request.

Please click on the link above for our response to goggle request letters.