Six Nations Predictor 2020

Firstly a huge thank you for entering the Friends of Syresham Schools 2020 Six Nations Prediction Competition, your support not only raises valuable funds for sport within the School, but also lots of  entries make it a great competition.  Last year £200 was raised and we hope to do the same this year – good luck to everyone who has entered this year!

Six Nations 2020 entry form

Please click the links below to see the leaderboard after each weekend of competion to see how you are doing and if you are in the running for the £50 prize.

First Round Results – leader table

A slightly disappointing start for some, with the England results.  However, an exciting round of games to watch.  Will Wales be the eventual winners?  They have made an excellent start

Second Round Results – leader table

Some challenging weather conditions definitely played a part in the scores this week!

Congratulations go to R Stephenson for getting a full house on the scores and winning teams for all 3 games this week; a handful of people managed to predict the winners and 2 of the score lines but only one got them all!

A weekend off this week, but back the following one.

Third Round Results – leader table

The gap between first and last is growing; ironically, first place is held by the father of the person jointly at the bottom of the table!  There’s still quite a few in close contention at the top of the board so the competition is still wide open…..

Looking forward to more good rugby in a couple of weeks time,

Fourth Round Results leader table

Unfortunately, due to Coronovirus, the 6 Nations Competition only saw 2 matches played this weekend, and two out of the three final matches this weekend have already been postponed.  It’s proposed that we continue with the prediction competition until either all the games are played, and a 6 nations winner is announced, or the competition is officially called off. The person at the top of the table at each of these scenarios will be our winner.  This does mean that our competition maybe on hold for sometime.

The leader-board attached is up to date for the games played (well done Louise for finally managing to climb off the bottom spot, but unlucky to J Kruger who has taken her place!).  The Scotland v France score has kept some people in the competition, but did others no favours – a great result for Scotland though!

Another update after the weekend, enjoy the one game of rugby on,