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IMPORTANT NOTICE – Covid-19 Update

You will all be aware that Covid-19 restrictions ended on 24 February 2022 and we have now moved to the stage of ‘Living with Covid’.  The full range of advice for living with COVID-19 can be found here

As a school, we will be continuing to follow the government guidanceThis will be reflected in our risk assessment and our expectation is that all our families will support us in this.  Following this guidance is essential if we are all to play our part in protecting the health and well-being of all members of our school community.  ‘Living with Covid’ does not mean that it is now acceptable for children or staff to be in school if they have tested positive. Although the rules around self-isolation are no longer statutory, the guidance from the government is clear that anyone who tests positive should stay at home and avoid other people for 5 days if you are an adult or for under 18’s 3 days.

Please click on this link for more advice and a Q&A on the new guidance which applies from April 2022

We thank you for your continuing care and support.

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At Syresham Primary School we all work closely together, to share the care and education of your children at this very special time of their lives.

We are a small primary school, where everyone involved aims to provide the children and all who visit and work here with a happy, caring, secure and stimulating Christian community in which the children will grow and develop, and where they are respected and valued. Our school is designed to give all the children equal access to all learning opportunities. The whole school environment provides these opportunities, so that learning can occur at any time or place, as well as in the classroom. As  a result the children find satisfaction in learning because it is real and relevant to them.

We encourage our children to become independent and to strive to achieve their full potential. This quality leads to greater self-motivation and self-discipline. The children are provided with many opportunities to make good relationships with other children and adults, both in the school and in the community.


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The nursery has high staff to child ratios and is managed by the Headteacher and Early Years Co-ordinator providing continuity for children as they move into the main school reception class.

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